Restructuring, Turnarounds & Special Situations in a New Era | NPL Management Summit Greece 2021



Our colleague Alex Airinei shared ideas and solutions for an important follow up on the critical topics and discussions conducted, along with highlighting directions the Greek NPL market will be taking in Q3 & Q4 2021.

Post-pandemic investor appetite, developments in the banking sector, changes in legal and regulatory framework, impact of securitisation and analysis on the success of the various initiatives and schemes launched to address real world challenges were all addressed with insights from established market leaders.

1. Post-pandemic bounce back: Actions and schemes: In order to address the loans exiting the moratoria, several new schemes and mechanisms have been developed to help mitigate the economic impact. This panel discusses some of these schemes in detail and addresses how they are expected to help.

2. ABS: The Role of NPL Securitisation: As a relatively new strategy, how is ABS expected to gain traction in the coming months as the pandemic slowly comes under control. Challenges still remain and perhaps the pieces of the puzzle are not yet in place. This discussion tackles the topic in detail from the perspectives of the leading experts involved.

A deep dive into the current and future state of the Greek NPL investing landscape: NPL Summit Greece 2021 Brochure

Organised by DDC Financial Group.

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