About us

CITR has over 20 years of experience in distress and crisis management and brings together a multidisciplinary team which provides integrated, innovative and customised solutions. Our highly experienced partners and managers maintain their cutting-edge expertise by actively participating and organising seminars, webinars and international conferences.

CITR employs through its extensive network of offices, more than 160 professionals who have combined experience in insolvency, law, financial, economic, and restructuring fields, creating a platform of specialised knowledge.

CITR Cyprus is the first international move of CITR, after a decade in which the business consolidated and brought its contribution to Romania from the position of market leader. Since the regional expansion in 2018, CITR has contributed and continues to contribute to the formation of Cyprus’ young market, where the profession of insolvency practitioner has only recently been recognized.


Our Mission

Giving a second chance to companies in distress, local communities and people. 


Our Vision

Save and enhance the value of Cypriot businesses by reintegrating them into the economy and in consequence maximizing the recovery rates for the creditors.


It's all about the people!


160 specialists
1000 projects
650 M euro assets

CITR is part of Impetum Group, together with Roca Investments and RocaX. Each company of the group covers a different stage of a business life.

RocaX is our technology wing, building bridges between revolutionary ideas and business angels.Roca Investments combines financial resources and management knowledge finding the balance between risks and opportunities.

All together as Impetum Group bring smart partnership, entrepreneurial vision, relevance & scope, perseverance & passion.

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Meet the team

Andra Caragea
CEO CITR Romania
Vasile Godîncă - Herlea
Head Of Business Development and Co-founder Impetum Group
Irina Misca
Managing Partner CITR Cyprus
Alina Zechiu
Senior Partner
Alex Airinei
Business Development Manager
Flavius Drăghici
National Sales Manager
Michalis Hadjimichael
Insolvency and Restructuring Administrator