Insolvency services & NPL Advice

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Pre-Workout Advisory

If we manage to identify a company at a very early stage of distress and intervene timely with the right solution and strategy everyone has to win: We can save a good client from liquidation

We can ensure a high rate of recovery.

There are many signs that show when a company is in distress. And not being consistent with its payment is the last one. Some signs that show when a company is in distress or is heading that direction are: questionable investments, transfer of business from the first generation – the creator to the next generation – the inheritor, the children, company’s operations and actions to scale up, the attempt to extend to other markets or diversify the product lines, a lower income and volume of contracts from one year.

This is the stage when a specialised insolvency practitioner can assess the business, the company’s estate, its evolution and bring solutions to avoid a financial crisis of a company with all its effects (can assess all business lines to see which are profitable, which are not, the staff structure, its ongoing contracts, identify, promote and sell non-core, access new financing from financial institutions or private equity funds). A specialised third party will come with an objective view and objective solutions.

  • Receivership
  • Examinerships
  • Schemes of arrangement
  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Compulsory liquidations

For companies that missed the opportunity to act at this stage, both the companies diand their creditors will move to the next stage. Our insolvency practitioners licensed in both Cyprus and Romania cover a large area of businesses with a focus on formal insolvency appointments as mentioned above.

NPL Advisory
We will assist you in gaining a sound and swift understanding over Non-Performing Loans portfolios by providing:

Specialized analysis over NPL’s portfolios based on reviewing the available information in the VDR combined with the publicly available data;
Tailored recovery strategies by observing the particularities of each portfolio / jurisdiction, with main focus on Insolvency tools;
Recovery projections considering the specifics of every market (i.e. Romania, Cyprus, Greece and Italy).