Restructuring services


Every business is unique and each solution must be customized. We bring together experts in managing difficult situations and our customers benefit from an integrated approach. When the first signs of corporate distress appear, it is important to realize that it is the time to step in and change the direction that the company is headed in.

A proactive approach to dealing with financial distress provides the best chance for the company to overcome its financial difficulties. A crisis is an unusual event that can arise into the company’s normal evolution and should not be tackled with common tools or ignored. Taking advice from crisis and distress experts is an early step for business recovery.

Business’ Independent Review

We will assess your business through an IBR, which will:

  • Describe the evolution of the company over the last 3 years;
  • Identify direct and indirect causes of distress;
  • Give a preview of the company’s future if no changes are made.

Based on the above referred analysis, we will develop an Action Plan which can consist of:

  • Debt Restructuring (e.g. renegotiation of loans/other debts);
  • Dividing core assets from the non-core assets and proposing ways of using both categories in the best interest of your Company (e.g. change of use);
  • Marketing & Sales strategy for non-core assets;
  • Fresh money opportunities (e.g. finding an investor/ accessing a new loan/ refinancing an older loan);
  • Equity restructuring.

We can ensure Monitoring services, as to assist you along the implementation of all/any of the agreed business measures.